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Frontliners is made with love and heart by a wide range of interprofessional health care providers.

Board and principal investigators

Prof. Idris Guessous

Prof. Sissel Guttormsen

Prof. Jacques Cornuz

Prof. GĂ©rard Waeber

Steering committee Head of Department of Primary Care, University Hospital of Geneva

Steering committee Head of Institute for Medical Education

Steering committee

Head of Unisanté

Steering committee 

Head of Department of medecine, University 

Hospital of Vaud

Project management


Dr. Evrim Jaccard

Mrs. Sharon Mitchell

Project manager and

medical content coordinator  Doctor, University Hospital 

of Vaud

Applied, research, quality assessement, 

PHD at Institute of Medical Education, 

University of Bern

Course development

Mrs. Sharon Mitchell

Dr. Felix Schmitz

Mrs. Daniela Schmid

Applied, research, quality assessement, 

PHD at Institute of Medical Education, 

University of Bern

Course coordinator Institute  of Medical Education, 

University of Bern

Course coordinator

Institute of Medical

Education  University of Bern


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Sharon Mitchell

   +41 22 707 00 00


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